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NCI Model 7820

Shipping Scale

The NCI Model 7820 is simple to use, durable, accurate and reliable. This NTEP approved scale fits into any operation as a stand-alone scale, interfaced to a shipping manifest software, or receiving station.

Display Controls – ZERO: Includes Auto Zero Tracking and manual push button to re-establish zero reference. TEST: Runs a diagnostic test to ensure scale is fully functional, and allows a realtime view of internal settings

Display – 1/2″ high, six digit LCD

Construction – Stainless steel weight platter, die cast aluminum base

Field Calibration – Alternate span points can simplify field calibration by using less than full capacity weights. Can be set-up as either decimal pound or kilogram

Capacity– 100 lb x 0.02 lb 150 lb x 0.05 lb

RS-232 Cable– Included with each scale, DB 9-pin, null modem, female connector allows you to connect to a PC

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