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Matko SG

Remote Display

3.5″ High Stop and Go Light
The SG is designed outdoor industrial environments with a recommended viewing distance between 20 and 100 feet and a maximum recommended distance of 150 feet. Typical applications include traffic control and loading indicators. The unit can be controlled via a closed contact switch, 1 or 2 TTL levels, a data stream, or can be setup as a truck dock light. When set as a truck dock light, simply connect two 12 volt photo sensors and the green light is on when no sensors are tripped, red when one is tripped and flashes red when both are tripped. the flashing speed is field selectable. Optionally, a remote control can toggle between the two colors or flash one color and return to the other. This unit comes with a visor and a mounting bracket that can be used on both a wall and a pole.