Advanced Scale is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017
Accredited Scale Calibration Laboratory

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Custom Systems


Special weighing systems and scales can be customized and programmed to meet your specific requirements and specifications. We offer all types of communications to ensure your scale data is accurate and in the format you request. Custom sizes and heights are available to integrate into existing systems. Call us and we will respond immediately to your request with pricing and delivery.

From Simple Data Collections To Fully Automated Controls

Advanced Scale, Inc. has built many custom systems from simple data collection to fully automated control with relays, bar coding and bi-directional communication with shop floor and mainframe systems. All programming is done in-house which provides full control without having to rely on factory software leading to project delays.

Custom Weighing System Examples Include:

  • Custom liquid filling station incorporating future, look ahead, weight control which monitors varying flow rates for maximum accuracy.
  • Bar code inventory control system tied to QAD shop floor software to ensure parts accuracy and automatic inventory.
  • Full automatic control of concrete mixing in a cement block plant including moisture, timing and daily inventory reporting. A formula is selected at the beginning of the day, the start button is pressed and the system runs itself all day until the stop button is pressed at the end of production.
  • A motorized conveyor system was integrated into an existing factory to automatically checkweigh bags of product with accept/reject capability and integrated ethernet output to the main computer for production history.

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