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Load Cells

Emery Winslow
Hydrostatic Load Cell

Hydrostatic load cells are totally immune to failure from water or high pressure wash down.

Load Cell
S-Type Load Cell

The S-type load cell is a versatile unit designed for use in either tension or compression.

Supporting hardware

Assorted hardware for S-type load cells.

Shear Beam Load Cell

The shear beam load cell is designed for multiple load cell applications.

Single Ended Mount

Single Ended Shear Beam Mount
This tank mount is designed for use in light to medium capacity tanks, hoppers, and conveyors.

Double Ended Cell

Double Ended Beam Load Cell
Most commonly used in tank mounts and truck scale mounts.

Double Ended Mount

Double Ended Beam Mount
The Double Ended load cell mount provides a low profile, sealed weighing assembly.

Compression Load Cell

Compression-only load cells are ideal for structural and materials testing, and compressive force measurement applications.

ITA Integrated Tank Assembly

The ITA is an innovative self-contained low profile weighing assembly with an integrated load cell and mounting assembly.