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Counting Scales


Standard and Custom Labels.

Measurement Systems International
Challenger 2

The CHALLENGER 2 provides the features and reliability you expect from industry’s leading manufacturer of electronic crane scales.

A & D
HL-WP Series

The HLWP Series of compact digital scales can be completely submerged in water.

SJ Series

Choices of Units: g, oz, lb-oz, lb; Large, Removable, Stainless Steel Pan; Fast Response Time; Automatic Power Off

A&D FCi Counting Scale
FCi Counting Scale

FC-i Series high-resolution counting scale.

A & D Weighing
GF Series

Fast, new Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) gives you the ultimate in response speed.

GH Series

Resolution to 0.01mg plus Percentage and Counting Modes Multiple Weighing Units

HR Series

Large Weighing Chamber holds up to a 250mm volumetric flask Wide Angle LCD Display

FS-i Series

Large Bright Comparator Lights
Three Resolution Levels

HV-G Scale Series

Comparator for setting high and low weight targets

A & D weighing
AND EK-EP series
EK-EP series

Versatile Weighing Ranges and Robust Design.

Clydesdale Floor Scale

The Clydesdale floor scale is designed for use in variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

Brecknell RD-65

Double row ultra bright large 5", 6 Digit LED
Display visible up to 150'


Powder coated rugged steel with smooth top plate surface and two handles and wheels to easily relocate.


Low Cost, High Performance
Checkweighing Mode - Configurable audible alarm for targets and three visual LED annunciators.


The B140 is an economical counting scale you can depend on for a variety of office and light industrial use.

CS Series

Capacities– 1000 lb x 0.5 lb (500 kg x 0.2) 2000 lb x 1 lb (1000 kg x 0.5)
Accuracy– +/- 0.3% of full scale capacity


Compact, robust and corrosion resistant, housed in a tough ABS plastic case with shatterproof polycarbonate dial cover.


Compact, robust, housed in the traditional metal case. Accurate to one part in 250 with up to 10% zero adjustment.


Heavy duty suspended scale. Easy to read dial housed in a robust die cast casing.

Electro Sampson

A modern scale offering all the qualities of at traditional hanging balance with the simplicity, convenience and accuracy of digital operation.


Function – Check weighing, count, weight, total and print
Accuracy - NTEP at 5,000 divisions, Class lll
Display Resolution - up to 30,000

DSB Platform System

This scale comes as a 5000 lb X 1 lb NTEP certified 5000 division complete scale.


200 kg (440 lb) Capacity; Height Gauge to 210cm (7'); Rollers Included for Easy Transport


Capacity: 500 kg x 0.2 (1,000 lb x 0.5 lb). Capable of withstanding 150% capacity of weight without damaging the scale

Digital Chair Scale

550 lbs x .2 lb division
Rechargeable Internal Battery

Mechanical Chair Scale

440 lbs x 4 ounce division


NTEP approved, Class III, Price Computing Scale

Brecknell 6700U

The 6700U series is an NSF approved point-of-sale interface scale for linking to electronic cash registers or POS systems.

Convey Weigh
Single Idler System

Single Idler System

Dual Idler System

Dual Idler System

Three Idler System

Three Idler System

BeltPro Integrator

Microprocessor Based with Back lighted Display

Creative Information Systems
SMS Turbo Scale

SMS Turbo Scale Management Software offers solutions to automate the ticketing process and can integrate with your accounting solution.


Offering practical solutions for a full range of counting applications, this is an affordable option.


The DIGI DC-788 exceeds all expectations of a counting scale at a price point that can’t be beat!


The PC-400 includes our field-proven exclusive "Quad-Spring" base design that virtually eliminates damage from shock and overload.


The PC-500 features a soft silicone seal that protects against washdown spray and allows a high level of accuracy.


8100IS Series Intrinsically Safe weighing indicator


8200IS Series Intrinsically Safe weighing indicator

Emery Winslow
Hydrostatic Load Cell

Hydrostatic load cells are totally immune to failure from water or high pressure wash down.

Emery Winslow Scale Co.
Roadweigh II Series


Hyweigh 40AG

The Hyweigh 40AG Weighbridge is constructed using massive 27-inch wide-flange main girders and eight inch cross beams.

Hydrostatic Load Cell

Non-electronic and guaranteed not to fail from the effects of water, high pressure wash down, humidity, condensation, flooding.


Epson's mPOS-friendly TM-U220 impact receipt and kitchen/bar printers are compact, reliable and optimized for high-speed throughput.

Epson TM-U295

The Epson TM-U295 POS slip printer is the world's smallest slip printer, ideal for use with POS terminals on counters or teller stations.

Intelligent Weighing Technology

Large backlit LCD display - gives excellent readability in sunlight, ideal for outdoor use. Heavy duty construction.


High Accuracy, Compact Digital Hanging Scales for Low Capacity Applications.
Available in 25lb (13kg) to 500lb (250kg) capacities.

Load Cell
S-Type Load Cell

The S-type load cell is a versatile unit designed for use in either tension or compression.

Supporting hardware

Assorted hardware for S-type load cells.

Shear Beam Load Cell

The shear beam load cell is designed for multiple load cell applications.

Single Ended Mount

Single Ended Shear Beam Mount
This tank mount is designed for use in light to medium capacity tanks, hoppers, and conveyors.

Double Ended Cell

Double Ended Beam Load Cell
Most commonly used in tank mounts and truck scale mounts.

Double Ended Mount

Double Ended Beam Mount
The Double Ended load cell mount provides a low profile, sealed weighing assembly.

Compression Load Cell

Compression-only load cells are ideal for structural and materials testing, and compressive force measurement applications.

ITA Integrated Tank Assembly

The ITA is an innovative self-contained low profile weighing assembly with an integrated load cell and mounting assembly.

LW Measurements
The L W Measurements DCT
DCT Series

Dual base counting scale system.

Matko SBL-2

2” High Remote Display

Matko SG

3.5" High Stop and Go Light


1" High Remote Display


4” High Remote Display

Matko SBL-4SG

Traffic Control Remote Display

Matko SBL-6

6" High Remote Display

OHAUS Explorer

Ingeniously striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and functional design, the Explorer delivers accurate performance.

Ohaus Pioneer
OHAUS Pioneer PX Series

The Pioneer PX combines essential weighing functionality with competitive performance.

Valor 4000

The Ohaus Valor 4000 water resistant food scale offers a winning combination of touchless operations, speed, and durability.

Catapult 1000

OHAUS Catapult 1000 compact bench scales offer users reliable and precise performance in an affordable, compact design.

Model SD

The OHAUS SD is a robust portable bench scale designed specifically with affordability, utility and everyday usage in mind.

OHAUS Adventurer Analytic Balance
OHAUS Adventurer

With a color touchscreen, GLP/GMP compliance capabilities, two USB ports, ingenious draftshield, and much more, Adventurer is the most complete

Ohaus-Valor-2000-V22 Portion Control Scale
Valor 2000 - V22

Portion Control Scale/Food Processing Scale.

Ohaus Ranger 7000 Bench Scale
Ranger 7000

Modular design, die-cast housing, removable stainless steel platform, integral weigh below hook, menu lock switch, level indicator.

Aviator 7000

Versatile counter top scale for all type of business.

Ohaus Defender 6000

The new NSF-certified Defender 6000 is built to withstand your
most demanding weighing applications.

Pennsylvania Scale Co

Fast one button counting. With four preset (programmable) sample sizes. Built with heavy duty cast construction for long term usage.


Clean, compact 304 wash down enclosure. Simple single scale system with a one button counting.


Simple weight or counting scale with the addition of a second scale and a full keypad.

Pennsylvania Scale Co.

Ideal for plants where space is at a premium.


The 6900PB has the same great features as the 6900 but also includes a portability kit for easy relocation.

7000 Series

One of the industry's best kept secrets: The rugged and highly accurate 7000 Series platform.

6400 Series

Heavy duty tubular steel frame construction with premium black powder coat finish.

SS6200 Series

SS Bench Scales
Large, 12 x 14" Stainless Steel platform has 2" lip at rear - includes indicator of your choice.


Fast one button counting with automatic switching from sample to remote base (if installed). Single or dual base counting or weighing.

Model 6600

Low-Profile Steel base. Available in mild steel, galvanized and stainless steel.

7000 series


Rice Lake

Rice Lake BenchPro Digital Shipping Scale.

882IS/882IS Plus

882IS Intrinsically Safe Digital Weight Indicator


480 Series Digital Weight Indicator

680 Synergy Plus

680 Synergy Plus Digital Weight Indicator

880 Performance Series

880 Performance™ Series Digital Weight Indicator and Controller

Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Rough Deck BDP

Treaded top plate and alloy steel load cells.

BDP with Portability Kit

Easily field-retrofit stationary BDPs to convert them into mobile units by purchasing the optional portability kit.

BCI In Motion Belt Scale System
BCi In Motion Conveyor Belt Scale

BCi In Motion Conveyor Belt Scale System
Large 4.6 in W x 3.4 in H 320 x 240 pixel back-lit LCD graphical display.

BenchMark Series

BenchMark Series This bench scale comes in a wide variety of size and capacities.

Bench Scale with Indicator

Large 0.8 in (20.3 mm) six-digit red LED or LCD display


Four soft keys
Truck in/out, 1,000-ID memory
Process control engine - define conditions and actions
Data storage onboard, user-defined


Weight display from .5 in to .75 in • Display up to two scales (scale 1, scale 2 and total) • Five user-defined soft keys

Waist Level Digital Scale

Waist-Level Digital Physician Scale
Capacity: 550 lb x 0.2 lb (250 kg x 0.1 kg)

Floor Level Digital Scale

Floor Level Digital Physician Scale
Capacity: 550 lb x 0.2 lb (250 kg x 0.1 kg)

Mechanical Scale

Mechanical Physician Scale
Capacity: 450 lb x 4 oz

Digital Infant Scale

Capacity: 44 lb x 0.5 oz (20 kg x 10 g)


RL-440HH Digital Home Health Scale
Weigh in pounds, kilograms or stones.


Easy to read 7 7/8 inch diameter dial


Rice Lake's RS-130/RS-160 retail scale is the ultimate choice for simple price computing applications.


The SURVIVOR SR for above ground installation comes in either steel or concrete deck.


For above ground or pit installs, the SURVIVOR OTR Steel Deck sets the standard for truck scale design and performance.

Rice Lake Indicator 920i

Programmable HMI Indicator / Controller

IQ plus 2100SL

304 Stainless construction digital checkweigher.

Rice Lake CW-90X Washdown

304 Stainless construction digital checkweigher that is cut-resistant, has a hermetically sealed load cell, and can be washed down.

Ticket Press

Rice Lake Ticket Press Ticket Printer uses flexible communication parameters collect data from electronic devices.

Rice Lake DeckHand

The DeckHand™ portable scale is a mobile floor scale with indicator platform.

Rice lake 1280 Indicator
1280 Digital Indicator

Rice Lake 1280 programmable digital indicator.

Gold and Carat Balances

Sartorius carat scales are designed for high-precision weighing of diamonds, (semi-) precious stones and small pieces of jewelry.

Precision Balances

Sartorius precision balances are lab weighing instruments for daily routine lab tasks in which fast and reliable workflows are an absolute must.

Analytical Balances

Sartorius Analytical Balances are lab weighing instruments that feature the highest accuracy for analytical weighing processes.


Intrinsically safe, high-resolution industrial scales. Available for Ex-zone 1 and 2. Readability 0.001 to 2 g.

Economy Ex SS

Intrinsically safe industrial scale in stainless steel for weighing ranges of 0.1 g up to 3 t with a resolution of 15,000d (intervals).

Sartorius Secura

Secura® gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything right.

Sartorius Entris

Get the reliability and quality of a Sartorius balance, but only pay for the features you really need.

Sartorius Practum

Get best value for your money, without compromises in precision and reliability. Rely on consistent readings and excellent repeatability.

Sartorius Quintix

Make your routine lab work easy with our revolutionary user interface.

Sartorius Cubis

Cubis, the first series of laboratory balances that feature a completely modular design. User-configurable and customizable.

LaserLight M-Series

Available with 8-character and 12-character display.

LaserLight Series Remote Display

Available in 4” (101.6 mm) and 6” (152.4 mm) digit sizes.

Stop/Go Remote Display

LaserLight Series
Six high-intensity red digits (double-row discrete LED).
Four high-intensity red annunciators for gross, net, lb, kg.
Tare Weigh Bars

Turn any piece of equipment into a scale by adding Tare Weigh Bars to it. Standard sizes are 3', 4' and 5'.

Pallet Jack Scale

Pallet Jack Scale is designed and built for strength, accuracy, and durability.

Floor Scale with Shroud

The heavy-duty constructed super structure provides years of trouble-free industrial use.


The TARE T-334 Portable Industrial Electronic platform scale with the Brecknell 200E digital indicator.

Tor Rey

The Tor Rey L-PC-40L has the largest capacity of the small counter scales.


This retail scale offers label printing as well as the 40lb capacity.


This economical high resolution counting scale is designed with simplicity in mind.

RF Kit Charlie

The RF weighing kit offers scale fabricators the capability to effortlessly transform their products from “wired” to cable-free.


This versatile, fully electronic floor scale fits the widest variety of applications.

Zebra GK Series
GK Series Label Printer

Zebra’s GK™ Series desktop printers combine dependable printing with fast print speeds and network manageability.

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