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Ohaus Defender 6000

A Higher Level of Performance
and Durability


It’s versatile, precise, and extremely durable. The new Defender 6000 Extreme Washdown Bench Scale is thoughtfully designed for IP69K washdown protection and constructed to meet the demands of industries where reliable precision is essential and the working conditions can be harsh, such as in industrial packaging and processing.

The easy-to-clean Defender 6000 is rugged enough to handle the extreme rigors of the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, yet it boasts all the advanced features operators require to meet their complex weighing needs.

For years, the OHAUS Defender has been the bench scale preferred by operators in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries for their remarkable durability, precision, and versatility. The all new Defender 6000 takes industrial weighing performance to a higher level.

Defender 6000 is easy to clean, easy to operate, and offers the reliable precision you’ve come to expect from OHAUS. And its durable construction allows you to simply weigh it and spray it.

Defender 6000 Brochure